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Evolution of the ALLPACK logo

Evolution of the ALLPACK logo


The term logo, which finds its root in the Greek λόγος, meaning “word”, is the abbreviation of logotype (typos in Greek means “letter”): a graphic symbol which associates letters and shapes identifying a product, a company , an idea.

A logo, or logotype, is a figurative composition serving to visually identify, immediately, a company, a brand, an association, an institution, a product, a service, an event or any other kind of organization. Its goal is to make itself known and recognized by the audiences and markets to which it is aimed and to differentiate itself from other entities in the same sector. The logos are registered models whose reproduction without authorization is punishable as counterfeiting.

But the logo is also the emblem of the environment and the times in which we live. Indeed, a new logo can mark a new stage in the life of a company, a new direction, and also reflect a social and technological change. The evolution of logos is indeed greatly influenced by new means of communication.


TUPAK France was founded in 1971 in connection with the unique product manufactured: Tupak. The principle of Tupak is simple, it consists of a cardboard tube wound in a spiral and closed at the ends with two semi-circular grooves. Moreover, it is this cylindrical shape pinched at both ends that will stylize the first logo of TUPAK France.

In 1981, TUPAK France became ALLPACK. Indeed, TUPAK France has diversified beyond the specific manufacture of the Tupak product. The creation of multiple other packaging seemed to require a corporate name echoing this new dimension. ALLPACK justifies the ambitions of diversification and a new logo is born.

In 2002, ALLPACK joined the VERPACK group. On this occasion, ALLPACK coordinates with the logos of the various companies forming the VERPACK group and thus adopts the square made up of four triangles of different colors specific to the group. A rectangle will be added as a nod to the cardboard tube. The Baseline “Packaging with Infinite Resources” is also affixed to the logo, just under the name of the company, and praises the merits of cardboard packaging which is intended to be adapted to many different needs.

In 2016, following the integration of ALLPACK within the TUPACK group, the logo was completely redesigned. A new icon appeared, representing three interlocking cardboard tubes, and the name “TUPACK” was affixed to the historic company name “ALLPACK”, but smaller. The same strategy was adopted for the other companies of the group, “EM2 TUPACK” and “NEUVISTAC TUPACK”. Finally, we note the disappearance of the Baseline “a packaging with infinite resources”.

Finally, in 2021, the logo has once again been retouched to adapt to modern graphic standards. Without much revolution, the logo was simplified to remove shadows and keep a single dominant color: Orange. The font has also been changed.


For over 50 years, ALLPACK TUPACK has been designing and manufacturing cylindrical packaging, cardboard tubes and cores that meet the requirements of all business sectors.

With these many years of expertise, thousands of different cases have passed through the hands of our teams and as many different needs have been addressed.

Our mission is to support you in your projects by offering you high quality products, made in France while still taking part in the sustainable economy



Made in France … near you!

The TUPACK Group, French manufacturer of cardboard tubes

The TUPACK Group is made up of 3 independent but complementary entities spread over French territory:

  • ALLPACK TUPACK in Boissy-le-Cutté, near Paris
  • EM2 TUPACK in Ancenis, near Nantes
  • NEUVISTAC TUPACK in Dagneux-Montluel, near Lyon.

Thus, more than products made in France, we make tubes, mandrels, cardboard rings, etc… near you!

This proximity allows us to create a special bond with our customers, to develop a privileged commercial relationship and to be more responsive.

Actors in the local economy, our three sites contribute to the dynamism and life of the regions in which they are located.

A reduced ecological impact

A smaller carbon footprint & a strong ecological commitment

Products made in France have a reduced environmental impact compared to those that have traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to reach their destination.

Within the TUPACK group, we attach great importance to environmental issues. This is why the geographic distribution of our companies is a real asset. It makes it possible to limit our carbon footprint to better respect nature and people.

At the same time, wishing to embark on a virtuous approach, we only use 100% recycled materials and the cardboard tubes, cores, rings, etc. that we produce are 100% recyclable.

For further

Short delivery times

Short-circuit consumption

By producing closer to home, we reduce transport-related CO2 emissions while guaranteeing shorter delivery times and the best possible products to serve your performance.

Indeed, who says less distance to travel to deliver our cardboard tubes, says, a fortiori, reduced deadlines. Simple and efficient.

Lower delivery costs

Since cardboard is a light product, transport costs can very quickly increase and have a significant impact on the price of the products.

The presence of our companies on the territory allows us toguarantee reduced delivery costs. This is a real advantage for our customers, who can thus benefit from our know-how without having to incur additional costs related to the shipping of their orders.

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